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Lost in Blogworld…

Well hello one and all and welcome to my New Blog! Well, I say my new one, what I really mean is my first one. Anyway, I suppose I should get started and say what I’ve been doing.

 Today I got up, I had breakfast, I got showered and dressed and went out and bought some envelopes and did some shopping and…

 Hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey-hey! Where are you all going? Oh, I see, bored already are you? Want to read something a bit more interesting or were you just looking for one of those more exotic blogs but took a wrong turning and ended up here?

OK, maybe I should start this again. I’m a British writer in my twenties and have just finished my first novel. It’s an historical one set during the Viking Age. I’ve started sending it out to agents in the hope someone will like it. In the meantime, as it is New Year’s Eve, I thought I’d make some writing resolutions:

1)     Start Writing a Blog

Done it! 

2)      Start the Next Novel

I’ve already done some research but I need to get a plan together.

 3)      Write Something Every Day

I do write at least three or four times a week depending on how tired I am after work. Still, I managed to get through National Novel Writing Month unscathed in November (and got a pretty nifty t-shirt – I like t-shirts) so maybe between 500-750 words a day?

4)      Enter More Competitions

And, of course, send stuff to magazines. I’ve got a stash of short stories, poems and microfictions that are just sat on my computer gathering electronic dust so perhaps they should get out there and make themselves useful. I’ve had one success and that is one poem published in The Book of Dreams published by the good people of United Press.

Well, tonight is New Year’s Eve and time to celebrate! Let’s hope the Mayans were wrong and the world doesn’t end. Let’s hope 2012 is one where everything goes right for a change and the optimism that people felt back in early 2000 can be achieved.

Anyway best get back to sorting out my Norway photos. Maybe I could put something on here about when I went there in August at some point?

Have a good night and see you next year!