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Right. Well, it’s here. Has the world ended? (OPENS EYES) Nope, still here. (CREEPS TO THE WINDOW AND OPENS CURTAINS) Yes, everything’s fine.

 Well that’s all good. Can’t see any Pale Horsemen out the window either. Well, we’ll just see how that goes. Just another 365 days to go (it’s a leap year too, so I’m told). And weren’t the fireworks good in London last night? Do you think they bought too many for the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee and used them all then? Still a good show and those ones flying out above Big Ben would have made Guy Fawkes proud.

Soooo, let’s sort this blog out. Let’s have a look at the statistics… how many people have read this in the last few hours?



What the f…lipping… well it was New Year’s last night and I’m probably one of the few people in the country that doesn’t feel hungover so give it some time. I’ve got Blogging for Dummies upstairs so that could help. Anyway, Happy New Year to anyone that does come and read this. You’re more than welcome.

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