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A Gent who Needs an Agent

Well, Chapters One, Two and Three have been sent to six literary agents, some just twenty minutes into the New Year. I did this in the hope that they will think that I am a serious professional who is dedicated to his craft. I’ve got a feeling however, particularly when I tell people this that I had nothing better to do that night. Still, I sent three e-mails, plus another enquiry and three weighty jiffy bags to those who’d rather have them posted.

So far I have had three rejections and the one who had the enquiry has asked for the chapters. This isn’t unexpected and the first rejection was actually quite positive and encouraging. It’s a shame some send standard letters with no advice but if I was drowning in a tide of hopeful literature, I’d probably do the same.

Still, what with my lack of competition wins and a radio play rejection, I now feel like a real writer. All I need now is someone to take me on and perhaps a nice little publishing deal…


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