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It Begins!!!

Well… sort of.

Yesterday I got to the end of the Chapter-by-Chapter Plan for the Second Book and edited it here and there. Some say this is a waste of time and is quite restrictive but, having written a novel and lived to tell the tale, I can safely say it was a great help. You write each chapter out with which charaters feature, what they think/say/do and where it happens.

‘But it’s still too restrictive!’ I hear you cry. That does not have to be the case? Changed your mind? Don’t worry. All you need to do is alter it to put that new character in, add a couple of chimneys to their roof and change the area where they live from some boring suburb in Boringtown to a war-torn rubble.

‘But does it make getting started easy?’ Well, no. In the last two hours I’ve managed to write 65 words. Not good, even by my standards. Of all the times for Writer’s Block to strike it had to be when I thought I was ready to get started on the next book! Even the intellectual scientific chat on that Stargazing programme on the BBC isn’t helping! And to think I was churning out over 1700 words a day for NaNoWriMo only a couple of months ago!

Oh well. Let’s have another go…

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