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Back Scribblin’

Well, after Tuesday’s blip I managed to get back to scribbling ways and wrote over a thousand words in two days. This does not seem like a lot, I know, but when you think I work full-time, have competitons to enter, research to do, other books to read and two very greedy cats, it doesn’t leave much time for actual writing. Still, better than nothing. I’m now taking a risk and treating myself to a night off. It is Friday and the ideas are still going around in my head – a very important part of the creative process.

I see in the news that certain bankers could well be stripped of their knighthoods. Finally the government are taking action! Perhaps they could go further and make them travel the length and breadth of the country on their knees saying sorry while doing other forms of Medieval penance? And give back their bonuses and obscene pensions, of course. Just a thought.

Anyway, the weekend is upon us. A time for sorting out of boxes, reading of books, writing of novel and perhaps the odd short story. And, of course, the Weekend Film!

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