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Ghost Stories

What do you look for in a good ghost story? What do you think a ghost is? Would Piranha 3D have been a better film if it featured bankers, politicians and people who invent corporate cliches and jargon? Yes, readers, this is what the South Coast Scribbler has been thinking about this last week. By the way, I see people are starting to read and follow this blog. Welcome to you one and all! Thanks for stopping by as they say on Anchorman! Bring some friends if you want to.

Me and my writing friends have been talking about the strange frontier that is electronic publishing. While the Viking book sails to various agents (had rejection number five one Tuesday but a very encouraging one, though) I thought I’d have a little go at this with some short stories. I’m currently putting together some ghost stories and might see how that goes. Anyone published electronically before? How was it for you? How would you suggest doing it?

I also saw Piranha 3D the other day. Very interesting film. It shows a strong sense of imagination, let alone an exhaustive knowledge of marine biology and human anatomy.

Anyway everyone, the draft for Chapter Two of Novel 2 is finished and now it’s time to think of a new ghost story. Stay Classy and don’t have nightmares.

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