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On Tuesday I finally succumbed to curiosity (with just a pinch of peer pressure) and decided to join Twitter. Before I really could not see the point of it. ‘What’s wrong with Facebook?’ I would ask. ‘I can do what I like there whereas Twitter is exposed to everyone.’ (I’ve since learned that this is not the case and you can make your tweets private). Occasionally I would have a look at what people had been putting on there and felt like I was reading computer code. What on Earth is this obsession with @ symbols? It’s bad enough seeing them outside of e-mail addresses, such as when people say ‘see you @ the pub’ when a good old-fashioned ‘at’ would do. Then there’s the #. I’ve now learned this is how you follow a discussion with like-minded people and add your own view such as ‘Recent Owners of Portsmouth Football Club #howtoripthebleedingheartoutofaproudcommunityanddropkickitwhileitstillbeats’

Anyway, I must say I’m finding it quite a useful tool for writing. It works very well with things like e-mail lists and Facebook groups for getting snippets of information fast. Today I followed what was happening at the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook Conference that I went to in June and learned a few useful things such as not sending work to another person in an agency that has rejected you (which I was actually thinking of doing – they do share work around so they say). Speaking of agents, I’ve still not had any offers so I’m gearing up for round two of postings. I do think, though, that perhaps electronic publishing could be the way forward. It’s certainly appealing to a lot of my friends, as we discussed at our group the other day…

This week has certainly been one for technology. On Wednesday I set up a wireless router for the first time ever and it seems to have gone alright so far. Everyone seems to be able to read this and I don’t think anyone’s hacked into it yet… Anyway, I’m going to try and finish Conqueror, the most recent book in Conn Iggulden’s series of brilliant novels about Genghis Khan and his family this weekend. Then I might start either Two Caravans (for a book club), Ten Days that Shook the World or Clan of the Cave Bear to have a break from technology. You wouldn’t think I was still in my twenties, would you?


2 responses

  1. Nice intro to Twitter mate. Love the short title of Pompey Football discussion topic. LOL. Just how many books can you get through in a weekend? Have you got some kind of futuristic reading device implanted in your eyes? If not, there’s a discussion topic about that on Twitter.

    19/02/2012 at 4:33 pm

  2. Thanks! Just got a hundred words left of the ‘Conqueror’ book then I might start one of the others. Don’t think anything’s been put in my eyes but I do need to book a test soon so I can ask them!

    19/02/2012 at 8:03 pm

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