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Guess it’s Been a While…

Good God! Has it really been two months since I last wrote anything? Bloody Hell! Right, what excuse can I put here? What possible reason can I give for not clicking on a couple of links, putting in my password and waxing lyrical/venting my spleen? I forgot my password? No. That would be lying. Er… Olympics? No, doesn’t sound good but it was good, wasn’t it? Especially the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. If you haven’t got the CDs, go out and get them now! And handball, too. What a great sport that is. It’s like football but less likely to get boring. Some of the rules reminded me of ice hockey but it doesn’t seem to be as violent.

I’ve been on holiday if that’s been an excuse. I went to Bruges for a few days last week and had a day out in Ghent which was very nice. I went to a chocolate museum, up two towers (to burn off the calories), various art galleries, castles and cafes and the fries museum. Yes, that’s right, there is a museum in Belgium dedicated to chips. Perfect for British tourists! Seriously, though, it’s very interesting and both Bruges and Ghent are very good places to visit.

The good news is I have been writing (and not just compiling another list of bad songs to play at weddings, although I have been doing that). I found out over the last few weeks that not only did I get commended in the Poetry Competition at the Winchester Conference but I also got commended for the first three pages of my novel and a haiku I sent in. Three out of five ain’t bad!

Anyway, I’m going to have a little go at changing the layout for this. This blog is nearly nine months old and it seems to look like all the others. Let us know what you think. Thanks for all the views and comments and apologies for not replying. I’ll have another list of wedding songs up soon…