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Happy New Year!

Happy 2013 everyone! Thanks for all your support over the last year. I hope Scribbles from the South Coast is to everyone’s enjoyment!

So, how’s this year been? Yes, I know we’re only a week in but a week is a long time in writing (unless it’s Science Fiction when a week can be whatever you want it to be…) So far it’s been good for me as I have had my first competition success!

Thank you to Maria for choosing my poem as the winner. Maria’s poetry anthology, Hearts and Minds, and her other works are available here: Buy it now!

I’ve started the second round of agent submissions. Thankfully, more of them are giving the option of e-mail which saves on postage, although carting around copies of my first three chapters plus synopses plus letters are doing wonders for burning off the Christmas pounds!

Let’s hope 2013 is a lucky year for us all!


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