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It’s often said that to be a good writer one needs to be a good reader. How very true. I’d also say lots of practice helps but reading is good.

The other week, when I was bored, I looked at the huge list of people I follow on Twitter (and who follow me) and who are doing well down the bookshops or the electronic charts and I’ve found I haven’t read many of their books! Although I read a hell of a lot year on year, I’ve found I tend to stick to the same few authors. Also, with the conferences I’ve been to, I splashed out on several books I’ve not got round to reading yet.

Therefore, I made a list of these books and there are now quite a few. I also thought it would be fun to read them in chronological order, too.

Anyway, keep an eye on Twitter (Jim_Bish) to see what I’ve been reading. It’ll also be interesting to see how far through history I get before the end of the year! I’ve also decided to read one Sharpe book each month. Being a historical novelist, I’ve read a lot of Bernard Cornwell’s writing but have never read Sharpe. I started Sharpe’s Tiger this morning and Chapter One has been very good so far and I look forward to reading the rest!

By the way, I’ve just noticed this is Post Number 39. So, to celebrate, here’s this:


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