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Sweet Christ! Talk about forgetful! A few posts ago I said I would be telling you what books I’ve been reading this year and now, nearly four months into 2013, I’ve only just remembered! You may remember that, after buying books at conferences and talks, meeting authors on Twitter and taking advantage of various Kindle Daily Deals, I would read these books in chronological order. Well, as time has gone by the list has grown somewhat so this could take a while…

Here’s the list for January:

1) Sharpe’s Tiger by Bernard Cornwell. The first in the Sharpe series set in 1799.

2) Undreamed Shores by Mark Patton. A very interesting story set in 2400 BC at Stonehenge (

3) The World Turned Upside Down by Christopher Hill. Research for the current book.

4) Ramses: Son of the Light by Christian Jacq. The beginning of a series about the famous Ancient Egyptian Pharoah.

How’s that for starters? If you’re stuck for something to read, try these.


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