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April Book Showers

The Read Through History has entered its fifth month. Let’s look back on what eggcelent works of literarture a not-so-very warm Easter had in store:

1) The Parthian by Peter Darman ( A story set about a Prince of Parthia who is enslaved by the Romans and joins the Spartacus rebellion. An interesting story which introduces the reader to a culture that is not written about very much but had a major relationship with the Roman Empire. Very readable but needs a bit of proofreading here and there.

2) Sharpe’s Trafalgar by Bernard Cornwell. This month’s Sharpe book see’s the Ensign get involved in the famous sea battle that destroyed the combined French and Spanish fleet. Being a Pompey lad I probably should read this as Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory is only a short walk from my house.

3) Marius’ Mules 1: The Invasion of Gaul by S. J. A. Turney ( This story tells about Julius Caesar’s invasion of Gaul. The series continues through to Caesar’s expeditions to Britain.

4) Vespasian: Rome’s Executioner by Robert Fabbri ( This is the second book in the Vespasian series about the man who became Emperor. Brilliant.

I have just started Manda Scott’s Boudica but more of that next month!

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