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Vikings! The Untold Story

Last week I went on a trip to Edinburgh. Partly because I’ve never been there but always wanted to and because there was an exhibition that caught my eye:

I had some time off from the day job owing so I decided to go up over Hadrian’s Wall for a few days. After a crisis with my camera which led to me parting with more money, I finally got to the museum. My writing account is taking a bit of a hammering so, if any agents are reading this and are thinking of taking me on, please get in touch.

The exhibition brought together objects from the museum’s own collections and several from the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. Many of these were everyday objects such as locks, jewellery, horse riding equipment, and tools for house and shipbuilding. There were many pictures that showed the areas in Scandinavia where they would have lived followed by maps of where they travelled to, such as Russia, Britain, Ireland and America. There was a recreation of a viking ship with the nails held in the places they would have been hammered into (see the pictures on the website) and footage of recreations sailing.

All in all a very good exhibition and it’s a shame it’s finished now.

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