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One Day, Three Exhibitions: Part Three

Now this post is almost certainly going to make some people insanely jealous (or well-jell as people say round this way). After rubbing shoulders with some of the wealthiest people in London I went back to the Victoria and Albert Museum to look around one of the fastest-selling exhibitions there have been: David Bowie Is…

This exhibition celebrates the career of one of Britain’s most original and talented artists. A man who is proficient in several different arts: music, writing, dance, drama, drawing, the list goes on. Each visitor to the exhibition is given a headset which plays music, interviews and other soundbites. It starts with Bowie’s early life in London, discusses his influences such as Weimar Germany, space, art, fashion and mime and has interviews with fellow musicians, artists, designers and Bowie himself.

All around are books and records that Bowie would have listened to such as Nineteen Eighty Four and 2001: A Space Odyssey. There is a miniature studio space where a listener can hear studio chat and musical experimentation. Before the end is a small cinema where examples of Bowie’s acting is shown such as The Prestige, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence and Labyrinth. 

David Bowie Is… is rightly considered to be a fantastic exhibition and was the perfect end to a day of culture.


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