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May I Keep this Up-To-Date

Yes, I know I’m behind with this! I do have an excuse, though: I’ve been moving house! As well as that I’ve been at various writing events (including two author talks) and took in a trip to Liverpool so things have been busy. Not only that, my laptop’s been playing up which means it is now pretty much housebound. It still works, though, providing the lid isn’t shut…

Anyway, here’s what was read in May while I was in Edinburgh:

1) Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle by M. C. Scott. The beginning of a series about the Celtic Queen of the Iceni who would not take any messing from the Romans.

2) Hero of Rome by Douglas Jackson. Set about twenty years later when the Boudican rebellion was in full swing. I met Douglas at the Historical Novel Society Conference. Nice man and a great writer. Have a read of his Caligula.

3) On the way back from Edinburgh I had a read of a bit of non-fiction: Valkyrie: The Plot to Kill Hitler by Philipp von Boeslager and Publishing E-Books for Dummies by Ali Luke. This will come in very useful soon but more of that later! After I got back I read Starman: The Legend of Yuri Gagarin for a piece of microfiction I entered into a competition. It didn’t win. Then, when I went to the capital to run the London (Exhibition) Marathon, I read Dava Sobel’s Copernicus for a bit of research. Again, more of this later…

4) The Eagle has Fallen by Brian Young. Another book about what happened to the Ninth Legion that suddenly disappeared from the records. This also features a plot involving the new Emperor, Hadrian.

5) Wounds of Honour by Anthony Riches. Another Roman Army tale with an officer who has fallen foul of Emperor Commodus. Not the sort of man you want to fall foul of.

So that’s May. Now for June…



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