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Winchester Writers’ Conference 2013 Part One

On the 22nd June this year I attended the Saturday events of the Winchester Writers’ Conference. Again I had entered a round of competitions, picked some workshops to attend and sent copies of In the Shadow of the Gods to three people for one-to-one appointments.

Despite being full of what was either a mild cold or a furious bout of hay fever, I just about remembered where the University of Winchester was and got there in time for a nice cup of tea and wander round before the plenary talk. This year it was given by Julian and Emma Fellows (of Downtown Abbey fame) and Lieutenant Ian Thornton. Julian and Emma Fellows emphasised how important it was to be original in your work and to keep the faith. There is, however, an element of luck involved in any success story. Ian Thornton is a patron of the charity Words for the Wounded ( which helps with the rehabilitation of wounded service personnel. There is a flash fiction competition on the website too.

Lord and Lady Fellows also discussed the importance of doing something useful each day that is related to your work. Also, there is very little that appeals to everyone so write what you enjoy.

This last statement is something I agree with. It worked for The League of Gentlemen and if you enjoy something enough, your enthusiasm will inspire others to be interested too. If it’s good enough.



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