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Winchester Writers’ Conference 2013: Part the Third

When signing up for writing conferences you are usually given a choice of workshops that you can attend that suit your interests and Winchester is no exception. You are spoiled for choice with such a wide range of classes you can go to whether it’s the basics you’re after, talks about a particular form or genre or if you want to get into the business side of things and learn about what agents and publishers want and how to promote yourself. There are also talks about non-fiction, film making and self-publishing. On the Fridays and Sundays you can attend all-day workshops, which I am told are very interesting, and there are several running throughout the Saturday. I went to two talks. One about working with e-books, audio books and large print and the other on writing haiku. The first was given by Veronica Heley who has had work published the traditional way and has published work herself. This talk went into details about authors promoting themselves.

  • Websites should have a home page with details of the author and latest book, a writing CV and a contact page.
  • Blogs should be both fun and relevant (please nod and say that this is!) with up-to-date news and maybe a guest spot here and there
  • Newsletters are useful things for writers. These also need to be fun and are a good way of drumming up a following if you have a signup page on the blog.
  • Writers groups and author pages are also good things to have
  • Get contracts checked out by people such as the Society of Authors and make sure you get rights back when books go out of print
  • Get good covers and ISBNs if you want your books in a bookshop

Very good advice there. Drop by next time to learn about Haiku.


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