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The Festival of Writing 2013 Part One: The Road North

Once last year I noticed on Twitter that someone had shared a link to this: I found, too late, that there was a festival on that looked really good so I decided to book a place for this year as soon as I could. I did and the day soon arrived. South Coast Scribbling went North.

After checking in to my room at the University of York (fantastic campus, by the way. Should have taken some photos but go and visit if you want to see it. I’m sure they’ve got some Open Days coming up) the bar opened. Within minutes of buying a pint I got talking to people. Everyone seemed really nice and the whole atmosphere was relaxed with agents, authors and other professionals all introducing themselves. After dinner there was the Friday Night Live where the Final Six of the 500 Words Competition read out their entries to a panel of judges. Sadly I wasn’t one of them but the entrants who were there all deserved to be.

The Festival was very interesting and lots of fun. I’m sure I’ve convinced you, dear reader, to sign up for next year. If not then read on for the next few days and learn of what I got up to in The North!


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