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The Festival of Writing 2013 Part Two

Saturday kicked off with the Opening Keynote Address with Adele Parks, author of contemporary women’s fiction (NOT ‘chick-lit!’)

Adele spoke of the many ways of getting published but the most important thing was to be determined and believe in yourself. If you don’t then no one else will. Reading is also vital, particularly in your genre. Not only does it keep you abreast of what’s popular in the market but can also help you in your writing, particularly if you are starting out as it teaches story structure, etc.

Agents and publishers are a writer’s friends. Even when they are not too keen on what you send them, keep going and tell agents what else you are working on. That might interest them (advice which stood me in good stead later on in the conference).

Another important point was that authors should know what they want such as what sort of book they want to write and how they want to be presented. This is very important with self-publishing where the author is in complete control over how they sell their books (cover design, marketing, etc).

Adele’s address was very interesting and inspiring and gave everyone much encouragement. If you want to find out more about her then here is her website:

Come back tomorrow where we talk about the One Minute, Two Line Pitch.


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