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The Festival of Writing 2013 Part Eight: New Opportunities for Writers in the Digital Age

Sunday kicked off with a panel discussion on how storytelling is evolving and making use of new technologies and the Internet. First up was Rob Sherman (, who wanted to try something new for his university dissertation. This led to a collaboration with Random House for the Black Crown Project ( which makes use of choose your own adventure software and is one example of how literature and video games are beginning to link up together.

Next was Lisa Gee ( who is writing a digital biography of poet and essayist, William Hayley using the Padify software that helps you build your own applications (I don’t like saying ‘apps’ either). One idea is to have an application that lets Hayley send you advice each day whether you want it or not. Lisa also mentioned the project is funded through Unbound, which allows people to pitch their ideas on the website ( and gain finance through offering freebies, etc.

The last to speak was Tom Abba (, who has written a digital story which you can find here ( Sadly I had to leave to go to another session so did not make many notes but it looks very interesting.

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