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The Festival of Writing 2013 Part Twelve: Closing Address

The fantastic weekend that was the Festival of Writing 2013 came to a close with a talk from author S. J. Bolton ( The one distinction she gave between authors who have been published and those that weren’t were the published ones are the writers who did not give up. Who believed in themselves and kept going no matter how many rejection letters crept in through the letterbox. Who went into bookshops and libraries and had an all-consuming feeling of jealousy whenever they didn’t see their own books there.

Timing is everything in publishing but taking your time is as important as having the right idea at the right time. Even if your work fits the market, a badly-presented piece won’t last five minutes.

Here are the pointers S. J. Bolton gave to us during her talk:

1) Write for yourself

2) Take risks

3) Write the thing

4) Finish it

5) Read it out

6) Decimate and annihilate anything that doesn’t add anything to the story

7) Clean it up (not everyone likes rude words)

8) Make the first and last lines as good as they can be

9) Be talented, hardworking and professional

10) Be nice

11) Do not be a twat.

All useful stuff there. Well, I hope you enjoyed this twelve-part epic tale of the Festival of Writing. I’ve certainly been inspired to go back again next year and I strongly advise anyone else thinking of getting published to go too! If you want to see what the Writers’ Workshop is all about visit their website and join the Word Cloud:


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