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Something Spooky This Way Comes…

Yes, my friends, a collection of dark tales, awoken and dragged from the vault of my computer have swooped onto the electronic shelves of Smashwords and Amazon.

If you want something to scare people with, cure your narcolepsy (I can’t prove that it will), encourage bed-wetting (but why on Earth you’d want to do that is probably something best kept to yourself) and give to family and friends for Halloween, then why not try this: or this: or, for those of you who like the scrape of a turning page to add to the haunting atmosphere, this:

DISCLAIMER: I do not take responsibility for any disturbances you might have after reading these. Particularly if you notice the plumbing is more noisy and the floorboards just that little bit more creaky…

Enjoy and don’t have nightmares.


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