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Discovering Cover Art

Hello Fans! Happy New Year to you all! May this year be, as we say round here, well good. Or, as the young of today say, ‘Epic’ or ‘Totes Amazeballs!’

Anyway, what’s been happening here? Well, apart from a truckload of reading for the next novel (yes, the one I started when I started this blog! It’s editing time and I’ve got ten tons of research to do!) I’ve been practicing my drawing.

‘But, James!’ I hear you cry, ‘You’re a writer! What the hell are you doing, throwing away valuable writing time by drawing?’

Well, I’ve decided to add to my Author Pages on here, Smashwords and Amazon and publish my first novel! Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for a Big Announcement!

This, however, does mean I have to have a cover for the book and thought it would be great fun to design my own cover. I’ve got a few practice sketches which I might share on here at some point.

Anyway, hope all is well with everyone. I’ve noticed I’ve not put anything up for the Read Through History for a while so I’ll be doing that soon!

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