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One Day. Two Museums, Four Exhibitions, One Lecture and a bit of Shopping Part Four

As you might have gathered from reading these posts and hopefully my book as well, I have a bit of an interest in Norse stuff. Needless to say, when the British Museum put tickets for this exhibition on sale, I got booking and was not disappointed.

The museum has now got a new exhibition space and the Viking’s Life and Legend is the first of the major exhibitions to be displayed here. 20140426_144616
Inside there are a wide range of objects including the remains of weapons, hordes (including the Vale of York horde), coins from all over the world (and it was interesting to find out that the most common coins that have been found in Scandinavia from this time were from the Islamic world). There are quotes from both Norse sagas and accounts of people that came into contact with the Vikings, including Islamic scholars and Christian monks. There is a recreation of the Jelling Stone in Denmark which has an early Norse depiction of Christ and the centrepiece: the remains of the Roskilde 6 longship from the Viking Ship Museum in Denmark, the longest surviving longship from this time.

I would go into more detail with this and the other exhibitions but I really think you should see them for yourselves to really do them justice.


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