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April Book Showers

Blimey! Are we really a third of the way into May already? Well, if you’re stuck in on a rainy spring day, perhaps some of these might interest you:

1) Holy Thief by William Ryan. Set at the start of the Great Terror in Stalin’s Soviet Union. This is an interesting book where the protagonist has some belief in the Communist System as opposed to free-market capitalism in America and much of Europe.

2) Football Manager Stole My Life. In 2001 me and some friends entered a fantasy football contest and were given copies of this game. Since then I have been one of the many who have lost whole days to managing a pretend football club. I soon kicked this habit (University, work, writing and a new computer that did not run this helped) but it’s interesting to read other, sometimes more extreme, stories where relationships have broken down because of this game. Don’t judge me.

3) The Great Gatsby. A few weeks ago I joined a writing group and this book came up in conversation. Hearing my fellow scribes rave about this encouraged me to read a copy. Very good. Looking forward to watching the films one day.

4) Shieldwall by Justin Hill. A novel about Godwin of Wessex, father of Harold II, who lived in a very interesting time for England. Ethelred the Unready faced many attacks from Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark before losing the throne to him. This was followed by Sweyn’s son, Cnut, fighting Ethelred’s son, Edmund Ironside, for it. The beginning of a period of Danish rule in England which, in a way, carried on later.

5) Sharpe’s Enemy. Finally got to read this, no thanks to whoever didn’t give the library copy back!

6) Sharpe’s Honour. Richard Sharpe gets involved with some spies.

7) Bracelet of Bones by Kevin Crossley-Holland. Introduces Harald Hardrada, who also plays a major role in history at this time.