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May there be More Books

Here’s what I’ve read in May!

1) Macbeth by A. Hartley, D. Hewson and A. Cumming. This is Shakespeare’s play rewritten as a novel. Like the play, this is not an account of the life of the real Macbeth (read Nigel Tranter’s book Macbeth the King if you want something like that.) This is fantastic with brilliant imagery, each character both believable and true to the play. This goes into more detail about the ‘lives’ of the witches and gives an interesting insight into the character of Lady Macbeth.

2) Sharpe’s Regiment by Bernard Cornwell. Sharpe and Harper join the army as recruits to investigate corruption in the regiment. We also meet the Prince Regent (played very well by Julian Fellows in the TV Series.)

3) Hereward by James Wilde. A description of the uncertainty that faced England in the days leading up to and just after the Norman Conquest. Harold II is not portrayed in a good light in this book. This is in contrast to…

4) Harold the King by Helen Hollick. A fantastic tale from the early reign of Edward the Confessor to the Battle of Hastings. If you like family sagas such as I Claudius, I can certainly recommend this.

Alright, so not as many this month but quality is better than quantity and that’s certainly true with this lot.


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