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Read Through History July 2014

This month has been a busy one. I have been to Stonehenge and Amsterdam while putting the finishing touches to The Lenin Plots and editing some short stories for an upcoming competition. Still, I’m now in the Middle Ages with the Read Through History.

1) Hawk Quest by Robert Lyndon. The sort of story I have always enjoyed. A long journey across a vast area, visiting different countries while there is a good mixture of politics, action and character stories. I look forward to reading the next installment.

2) Son of Blood by Jack Ludlow. Explores the Normans in Italy at the start of the Crusades.

3) When Christ and His Saints Slept by S. K. Penman. The story of the civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Matilda. If you like I Claudius and Harold the King, you will enjoy this too.

4) Sharpe’s Revenge

5) The Tainted Relic by the Medieval Murderers. A collaboration between some historical crime writers. The audiobook is good so far. In fact I’m listening to Disc Seven as I write this.

6) Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield. The story of the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC so a bit out of sequence but I’ve heard this is a fantastic example of historical fiction. They were not wrong.


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