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The Punked Tale of the Entrenched Longitude Anniversary in Glorious Technicolour (Otherwise Known as A Day Out in London)

Had a week off from the Day Job these last few days and spent one of those in London.

First stop was the National Maritime Museum for the Ships, Clocks and Stars Exhibition ( which marks the three hundred anniversary of John Harrison developing his timepiece that solved the problem of Longitude. The exhibition displayed various clocks and watches that were used in attempts to keep time for long periods at sea. Also mentioned are some of the other attempts at solving the problem (and winning the prize) such as a special chair that will keep the navigator at a fixed point, although that would have been tricky while at sea.  You can also learn about the satire that various writers of the day aimed at the scientists but don’t dwell on that too much! So get on down there and have a look. I also recommend a cup of coffee afterwards as that’s what drove the Enlightenment.

A trudge up the hill to the Royal Obervatory came next where some Steampunk writers and artists had come a-calling and had presented an alternative take on the story. Take a look:

Excuse me while I munch on some Haribo…

Right, now as some of you may know I have taken up drawing and cover designing (previews of Because it was Christmas coming soon). If you ever wanted to know how colour has been used throughout history, how it was made and where it came from then drop into the National Gallery to find out:

A stroll down to the recently refurbished Imperial War Museum followed (and I only got lost once!) First stop was the Art of the First World War Exhibition which showed the work of artists such as William Orpen and is divided into works of truth and memory. Downstairs are the Brand New galleries of the First World War which have been opened for the Centenary.

So, all in all a very successful day out, varied and interesting. As they used to say on Art Attack, try it yourself.

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