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Historical Novel Society Conference 2014 – Part II: The Keynote Address

This year the Keynote Address was given by Conn Iggulden, author of the Emperor and Conqueror series’ about Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan and is now two books into a series on the Wars of the Roses. He is the co-writer of The Dangerous Book for Boys with his brother.

Conn Iggulden spoke of historical fiction being made of two key strands: 1) History and 2) Fiction. History provides the framework but it can be incomplete and that’s where fiction comes in handy. The novelist has to make choices about how to fill the gaps but these have to be informed choices which is where research is vital.

The talk was very interesting and very funny too. I also got the chance to meet Conn afterwards and got a copy of Stormbird signed, which I look forward to reading enormously. If you want to know more about his writings then do check out his website and read his book:

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