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Festival of Writing 2014 Chapter Four: Industry Keynote Address

After lunch there was a panel discussion on the view from the industry (or should that be The Industry for more effect?). The panel for this was Antonia Hodgson, Bill Massey, Kimberley Young and Emil Fortune. Here’s what was discussed.

1) Science fiction has been doing well as there has recently been a big boom in dystopian fiction. Also many of the top selling films of recent years have been science fiction films.

2) Novellas used to be a challenge for publishers due to printing costs and having to sell them for a low price but the digital revolution means that this is no longer a big problem. Serials are also being experimented with.

3) No one knows who starts and stops trends. Usually the books that sell are the ones that reflect the times in which people live.

4) Open mic nights are good if the writer enjoys it as they are more likely to give a good performance. They do give a chance for creative people to meet.

5) Social networks are important but the book and the writing is even more so.

6) Print and digital books are now living side-by-side pretty much at the moment, after all: print books don’t need batteries. It seems the publishing industry has not suffered as much as music.

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