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Festival of Writing 2014 Stave Five: Plot Problems You Never Knew You Had

Jeremy Sheldon took us through the problems that writers face and how to overcome them.

1) Going Backwards: Backstory is important but too much takes the story back when it should be moving forward. The purpose of the story is to move forwards with the character overcoming obstacles in his/her way.

2) Going Sideways: Too many points of view one after the other does not move the plot forward. They need to be juggled.

3) Staying Still: Voice needs to be balanced with drive. There needs to be some rest but not too much.

4) Going too Fast: There is no expectation or suspense in doing this.

The solution is the setup needs to be the first quarter of the story which sets up the story and sends the characters on their way. The development is when the journey starts and the pace picks up before it escalates (with some setbacks that are overcome) before the plot questions are answered at the end.


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