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Festival of Writing 2014 Episode Seven: Futurcast 2014

The following is being written on a tablet balanced on some drying washing and I’m still getting used to the touch screen keyboard. I’m also cooking a meatball curry so I’ll be dashing between here and the cooker every-so-often.

Sunday Morning kicked off with a discussion on the future of the publishing industry with Emil Fortune, Sallyanne Sweeney, Sam Copeland, Jamie Coleman and David Gaughran. Here’s what was discussed.

Although bookselling chains have been suffering lately, people still like print books, particularly those for children. Bookshops also host events around reading and writing and there have also been some stores opening. Amazon is a juggernaught but is essential for self-publishers, although one-star reviews can be due to delivery, not the quality of the book.

Will high profile authors go it alone? It all depends on the author. Some tried and came back to mainstream publishing while others do both. Successful authors are more likely to stay with their publishers as if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, although the rewards of being independent can be higher. Having a mainstream publisher can give an author validation as it shows a company have taken a risk with them and it gives them more writing time as they don’t have to worry about marketing, etc.

No one is completely sure how much share self-publishers have of the market but it’s growing year on year.

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