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Festival of Writing 2014 Section Nine: The Nuts and Bolts of Self-Publishing

Last year I attended David Gaughran’s workshop on why self-publishing found it to be really insightful and useful. This workshop was a natural progression from the first and did not disappoint.

The purpose of this talk was to find out how writers can build an audience and make a living from publishing their work themselves.

The best time to get sales is within the first three days so the book can ride high in the Amazon charts and this will get it noticed by those who follow them. If a book is high in the charts, more people are likely to buy it. This is why sales are a good idea as they encourage readers to buy the book initially and later readers will be happy to buy more when the price goes up as they’ll pay a little bit more for something that looks good.

Mailing lists are essential for this. Don’t bombard subscribers but just let them know when a release is imminent and maybe have a link to the pre-order pages. Word of mouth is also invaluable and once you have a series, you can drop the price on that so you can encourage sales of further books. Boxed sets with other authors can also do this.



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