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Read Through History: September 2014

Me again.

As you might have gathered, this month has been spent doing lots of writing so sorry about this has been a bit late! Last month seems a long time ago now but, as I hope you have noticed, there has been lots of fun things going on. There will soon be posts about two literary festivals that have been happening in my neck of the woods, too.

Anyway, here’s what I read in September:

1) Outcasts by Martin Lake. This is the beginning in a series about the Crusades. If you like the Lost King series as much as I have you will enjoy this too.

2) Sharpe’s Devil by Bernard Cornwell. A great ending to the legendary series that sees Richard Sharpe travel to South America and meets his old adversary for the first time along the way.

3) A Secret Alchemy by Emma Darwin. I met Emma at the Festival of Writing and liked this book very much. There is a time jump between the 1480s and modern times and explores the mystery of the Two Princes.

4) Holy Warrior by Angus Donald. The second in the Robin Hood series after the very impressive Outlaw. I’m looking forward to the next installment! I also read The Betrayal of Father Tuck, which is a short story set at the same time.


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