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Read Through History October 2014

Right, I’ll warn you now. This is not a long list. Reason being I’ve been knuckling down to finish the first draft of Novel Three and it’s very, very nearly done. I’m a chunk of the way through the last chapter and then there will be a little Christmas treat in the form of Because it was Christmas, my novella of the First World War Christmas Truce.

Anyway, I did manage to get a few books in and here they are:

1) The Sins of the Father by C. B. Hanley. This is a Medieval murder mystery set in 1217, a time when the King of France very nearly became King of England during a little-known civil war in the wake of Magna Carta.

2) Bretheren by Robyn Young. This is Robyn Young’s debut set during the Crusades with action taking place in England, France and various parts of the Middle East. Give it a go.

3) Dracula by Bram Stoker. Well, the first half anyway, after all it is Halloween!

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