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Events in the Area

Over the last couple of months I have been to two literary festivals: Havant and the Portsmouth Bookfest. Both of these were very interesting and laid on all kinds of different events.

At Havant I was lucky enough to have the chance to sell some books (I managed to pay for my train fare and have some left over so thanks to all those that came and bought some). I also went to two talks in one evening. The first was with crime writer Fergus McNeill, who has written for the games industry too and he was also on the panel for the Gaming and Story session along with a leading figure in the game industry, Sam Barlow, and the actor Doug Cockle. Both sessions were very interesting and there will be a future post on computer games and storytelling.

The following evening I was back in Havant to see one of the keynote speakers, Will Self. His talk was most entertaining and I got a book signed. That’s the thing with these events: I’m running out of room in my signed-books box…

The Portsmouth Bookfest kicked off with a talk from historical fiction author Simon Scarrow. Simon is the author of the Macro and Cato series of Roman novels and has also written a series set during the French Revolution. There is now a game featuring the protagonists of his Eagle series which I should download at some point.

The following week was the launch event with the launch of the paperback of Portsmouth Fairy TalesGive this a go as there are some brilliant stories in there (and, no, they have not paid me to write this!)

The Bookfest also has non-fiction events and there was a very interesting talk on Portsmouth during the Great War by local historian Sarah Quail, about the men that joined as soldiers, those left behind, the role of women and the navy at the time.

On Halloween I was lucky enough to be invited to perform a story from my anthology at the Day of the Dead event. This was a splendid soiree of spooky scribbling assembled by Mister William Sutton. Good fun was had all round.

Last Friday was another historical fiction event about sex, love and violence in the Middle Ages with James Burge and Michael Jecks. This discussion was very entertaining and I look forward to reading their books that I bought.

The final event I went to was CSI Portsmouth in the Royal Naval Museum. I enjoyed this series of discussions very much but not the cold that was doing a merry dance on my chest…

So it’s been another busy season of literary events down on this part of the South Coast so do keep your eyes out for next year!

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