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Read Through History: February 2015

Pinch, punch, first of the month and no retur… OW!

Anyway we’re now two months down in 2015, doesn’t time fly? I’m still writing 2014 down! In fact I think I wrote 2013 down the other day…

So here’s what I read in February and what I thought of it.

1) Company of Liars by Karen Maitland. Really good story following a group of characters trying to avoid the Black Death in the late 1340s.

2) Stalingrad by Anthony Beevor. Bit of non-fiction to go with the fiction. Give it a go.

3) 1356 by Bernard Cornwell. The latest installment in the Thomas of Hookton novels, this covers the lead up to and the Battle of Poitiers in the Hundred Years War. Very good. Got it signed as well!

4) R. U. R. by Karel Capek. This was the BBC Radio adaptation of the Czech play that brought the word ‘robot’ into the English language.

5) The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick. Read this alternative history on holiday and enjoyed it very much. I also watched the pilot episode of the series and look forward to seeing the rest when it’s available.

6) The Amber Antidote by Tom Harris. This is the sequel to Tom’s previous book The Amber Room. A brilliant piece of work from an up and coming Young Adult Fiction writer.

7) The Ten Thousand Things by John Spurling. Taking a break from European history, this is set in China between the Yuan and Ming Dynasties. It’s also been nominated for the Sir Walter Scott Award.

8) Stowaway to Mars by John Wyndham. After talking about the film Village of the Damned with friends, I thought I’d read some of the work by one of Britain’s leading science fiction writers. This is one of his first novels. See what you think.

And as for my current scribblings, The Lenin Plots is currently being hawked around the agents and Novel Three (who still hasn’t got a title) is half way through its edits.

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