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Read Through History: April 2015

Hello! Merry Bank Holiday, Happy New Month and May the Fourth be with you. So, into the fifth month of the fifth year of the… second decade of the twenty first century. It seems Spring has sprung upon us (it’s raining at the moment) and Winter is Going (says me in a jumper).

This month has seen me finish off some short stories, reading my friends’ works and starting the draft of a new novella while I proof read Lenin Plots and the Alternative History that Really Needs a Title. I also went to the Tower of London and there will be a post about this soon.

So, what have I read this month?

1) Stormbird by Conn Iggulden, signed by the man himself. The first in a new series set during the Wars of the Roses (quite apt as Richard III was buried not long ago). As with his last two series, I liked this book very much.

2) On the Cold Coasts by Vilborg Davidsdottir. Set in Iceland during the fifteenth century, it was good to read a book set elsewhere as I don’t know much about what went on in Iceland since the end of the Viking Age so it was interesting to find out what life was like for people then. Finished this on the train to London.

3) Doors Open by Ian Rankin. I have never read anything by this author and, in the aftermath of the Hatton Garden Heist, I wanted to read something along similar lines. I can also recommend the Bank Job film but not robbing banks as that could land you in jail.

4) Tower by Nigel Jones. I’m reading this a chapter at a time. Bit of non-fiction about the Tower of London which is very good so far.

5) Feud by Derek Birks. Finished this today and enjoyed it very much. This is also the first in a series about the Wars of the Roses so it was good to read about the same war but from a different perspective.

So, there we go. Stories about thefts, feuds and fights a long time ago in various places (near or) far away. Give them a read and see what you think!