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Festival of Writing Part One: Opening Address

For the third year running I went to the Writers’ Workshop Festival of Writing, held at the University of York. After meeting up with old friends, making new ones and hearing some great submissions at the Friday Night Live event, Saturday kicked off with a Keynote Address with Nicci Gerrard and Sean French, the husband and wife team behind Nicci French.

For inspiration they make use of news stories before working out the spine of the book, the plot and the point-of-view. When putting their novels together both write chapters alone and send their work to one another for editing and sending back. Changes are only made when necessary and cut outs are not put back!

Both discussed how writing and editing books with another person can be a rewarding experience. It can be a way of exploring the world with someone and is more sociable than writing alone. Also, as both edit and rewrite together, there is no way of seeing who wrote what as the book is a truly collaborative effort.

Tune in tomorrow to learn why it’s a good idea not to give up the day job.


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