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Festival of Writing 2015 Part the Fifth: Trusting Your Voice

Welcome Back! The next workshop on the Saturday discussed the use of ‘voice’ in writing. Our host was Andrew Wille, writer, teacher and book doctor with the Writers’ Workshop.

An author finding their voice is one of the biggest myths in creative writing and writers need to be able to trust the voice they have and develop it. An author’s voice is vital for the work to get across clearly so it is important to read work out once it is written. Other types of writing (technical, selling, for example) is not the same as narrative storytelling, which requires a personal touch.

Good examples of this can be in the form of letters and e-mails. Stories in these are told fast and to the point while reflecting the tone or tones of voice and the personality of the writer.

Andrew gave us some very good advice including reading work aloud (both our own and others’) to see the rhythms of the stories, listen to audio books to see how they are told and write a page of ‘I remembers’ every day for a month. These can either be short statements or a brief description.

I found this session very interesting and will be listening to more spoken word on the radio and seeing what audio books I can plunder from the Public Library.

So, ‘what’s tomorrow?’ I hear you cry. Well, come on by and find out. It involves dialogue…

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