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Festival of Writing 2015 Scene Nine: Here be Dragons

Sadly there were no pet dragons at the University of York but I did learn how to create a sense of place in the next session.

Allie Spencer’s workshop followed on nicely from World Building and discussed how to create a sense of place in the world that now exists in the novel. Different genres have their own opportunities and problems and so we were given some tips.

1) Characters and storylines are more important than the setting (although that is important too). If descriptions don’t move the plot forward the don’t put them in.

2) Read everything in your genre. This will help you to know the audience you are writing for.

3) Be consistent.4) The more unfamiliar the world, the more detail is needed.5) Build scenes step-by-step in layers like a painting.6) Do lots of research but not so much that will swamp the reader with too much information7) Atmosphere is more important that actual detail. Video games are very good for this.8) Remember the audience. Who are they and what do they want to know.


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