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Festival of Writing 2015: The Last Bit

The final workshop I attended was Psychic Distance with Debi Alper which was very interesting and useful. I attended this session last year and there is a blog post all about it.

The Festival was rounded up with a closing address with Eve Harris in conversation with Diane Beaumont. They discussed how behind each success story are tales of grit and determination. They are not easy but rewarding and require talent, time management and tenacity (the mindset, not the novel, although I can recommend you read it. It’s rather good). The best piece of advice we received was to stick to your instincts, keep trying and never give up.

So, that’s it for another Festival! I hope you enjoyed these posts and they’ve encouraged you to keep your eye out for the next one. Thank you to the Writers’ Workshop for organising this, the University of York for looking after us and to all the friends I’ve made for making it a really good time.

Right, back to the scribbling…


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