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Read Through History: November 2015

Another year is almost over already, can you believe it? This blog will be history itself soon.

And speaking of history, here’s what I’ve been reading (and listening to):

1) Heresy by S. J. Parris. I listened to the audiobook of this tale about an Italian in the service of Sir Francis Walsingham after fleeing the Inquisition. Really good. I look forward to reading/hearing the others in the series.

2) Ink that Bleeds by H. D. Loughrey. A collection of short stories from an up and coming writer. Really worth reading. I look forward to seeing her debut novel on the shelves.

3) The Queen’s Man by Rory Clements. A prequel to the John Shakespeare series that sees a fictitious older brother of William work for Sir Francis Walsingham to uncover a plot concerning Mary Queen of Scots. Very interesting with some good detail of the period.

4) Warriors of the Storm by Bernard Cornwell. The latest of the Saxon Stories and a really good one. I’m looking forward to the next book. The TV series isn’t bad either.

5) Just One Damned Thing After Another  by Jodi Taylor. A group of historians are doing a unique kind of research by actually travelling to the events themselves. Very interesting and funny.

Right, probably should think about Christmas shopping. I might even do the shopping as well…


Read Through History October 2015

Happy Halloween Everyone!

So, what horrors has everyone had this year? What books/films have people been watching? I can recommend some of the offerings from BBC Radio.

Anyhow, while you await your Appointments With Fear, here are some treats for you.

1) The Great Siege by William Napier. Really good novel about the Siege of Malta in 1565. If you like Zulu you might like this.

2) Freedom’s Pilgrim by Edward James. Much of this is set in Mexico shortly after the Spanish Conquest. If you want to find out about how the Aztecs fared have a read of this.

3) A Small Hand by Susan Hill. I listened to the audiobook of this novel and this is a very good tale from the writer of The Woman in Black.

4) The Rik Mayall: Bigger than Hitler, Better than Christ. The very funny autobiography of the actor who tragically died last year.

So, enjoy the rest of Halloween and don’t have nightmares…