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Read Through History: January 2016

So, anyone still writing 2015 by mistake? Yes, I have once or twice…

Anyhow, here’s this month’s offering of books.

1) A Clash of Eagles by Alan Smale. This is an alternative history which explores the Roman Empire lasting until the Middle Ages and exploring the Americas. This follows the story of a Roman General living with Native Americans. Very interesting story.

2) Turn of the Tide by Margaret Skea. A great story of a family feud set in Renaissance Scotland.

3) The Hummingbird by Kati Hiekkapelto. Last Autumn I attended a Nordic Noir talk and signing at my local Blackwells and read this book by the Finnish author. Really good story and I didn’t guess whodunnit!

4) Pasquale’s Angel by Paul J. McAuley. This is an alternative history of the Italian Renaissance where Leonardo da Vinci was an engineer rather than an artist. This was the winner of the first Sidewise Award for Alternate History in the 1990s.


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