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Read Through History May and June 2016

Yes! That’s right! A double bill, ladies and gentlemen! Why? Because… well… I didn’t get round to it last month.

Anyroad, here’s what I’ve been reading over the last two months:

1) Vespasian: Rome’s Fallen Eagle by Robert Fabbri. The fourth installment in the Vespasian series shows the Roman General travelling to Germany and Britain. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this series very much.

2) Resurrection Day by Brendan DuBois. This is the winner of the 1999 Sidewise Award for Alternative History looking at what might have happened if the Cuban Missile Crisis had escalated. Very interesting.

3) SPQR by Mary Beard. I read this as I watched the series on BBC. I’m going to have to re-watch I Claudius at some point.

4) The Lord Darcy Series by Randall Garrett. This classic work won a Special Achievement Award from the good people who give out the Sidewise Award. This is a Sherlock Holmes-esque series set in the twentieth century where the world is governed by magic rather than physics and where Richard the Lionheart lives for another twenty years before being succeeded by his nephew Arthur. Some really good stories here.

5) Clough: The Autobiography by Brian Howard Clough. I watched the Damned United film recently and was interested to find out more about the legendary football manager.

6) The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch. Set in seventeenth century Bavaria, this is a crime thriller set during the times of the witch trials. A very good story.

7) Ash: A Secret History by Mary Gentle. Winner of the 2000 Sidewise Award this follows the story of Ash, a company commander in an alternative fifteenth century where a new Carthaginian Empire is establishing dominance over Christendom with the help of Golems.

8) Independence Day: Crucible by Greg Keyes. If you want to know what happened after the first film before you go and see the second then have a read of this.

9) The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. This novel set in Amsterdam around the time of the Dutch Golden Age is the winner of many awards and deservedly so. I liked it very much.