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Read Through History: July 2016

Summer’s here and here’s what I’ve been reading over the last few weeks…

1) The Bitter Trade by Piers Alexander. This is set in England shortly before James II was overthrown. A young lad, desperate to stave off a blackmailer, becomes a coffee racketeer and is drawn in to a plot against the king. A good story with a really good sense of place.

2) Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow by Peter Hoeg. I read this on holiday in Copenhagen and learned a lot about the Greenlandic people and those who go to live in Denmark.

3) We Shall Inherit the Wind by Gunnar Staalesen. I started reading this gripping crime thriller (signed by the author) on what was a Scandinavian day for me: reading a book written by a Norwegian in a Danish hotel after a day out in Sweden.

4) Dark Fire by C. J. Sansom. The second in the Shardlake Series, this sees the lawyer searching for the lost secret of Greek Fire while also trying to prove a young woman’s innocence in a murder.

5) Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd. In interesting story with two parallel storylines: one in the twentieth century and the other in 1711.


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