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Historical Novel Society: Oxford 2016 Part Four

The next session was about Giving Writing the Reading it Deserves, presented by Gillian Bagwell.

Writing a story and performing it are two different things and require different skills and we were giving these points to bear in mind:

1) Be aware of the time limit. Only read key scenes that fit in with the alloted time.

2) Make sure the type is big enough and properly spaced so you can read it.

3) Know the area you will be performing in and make sure you use the space and light.

4) Practice.

5) Use your full voice and enunciate each word so all is clear.

6) Make notes on your script for beats and pauses while practicing.

7) Make eye contact with different members of the audience in different places of the auditorium.

8) Know the first line by heart so you an address the audience without looking at the page.

9) Be the characters.

10) Have fun!

This session was very useful and will come in handy at the next open mic night.