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Writers’ Workshop Festival of Writing 2016 Part One

A week after the Historical Novel Society Weekend in Oxford I packed my bags again with paper, pens and post-it notes and went further north. This time it was to York for the Festival of Writing.

After meeting up with old friends and making some new ones on the Friday, listening to some great work at the Friday Night Live and waking up on Saturday without a hangover, the Festival kicked off with the Opening Address with C. L. Taylor.

After getting rejection letters (the first of which at the age of eight) she went on a creative writing course and a short story bootcamp. After some success with short stories she wrote her first novel and was taken on by an agent. After a bidding war it was a published and became a bestseller, taking advice along the way.

After changing genre to fit in with changing tastes and to get a new book deal, Cally then undertook the 100,000 words in 100 days challenge to write her third book. She recommended trying different genres, especially through short stories, learning from everyone and accepting constructive criticism. The most important message she gave us was to never give up.