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Festival of Writing 2016 Part Two

The first workshop I attended was about overcoming obstacles to writing success hosted by Tracy Rees.

Here are the handy tips Tracy gave us on how to be successful:

1) Enter competitions. These will not only give you a chance to practice but the success is something you can tell others about.

2) Follow agents’ submission guidelines to the letter. Many good works have been rejected purely for not following them.

3) Treasure your rejections. They are part and parcel of every writer’s life.

4) When getting critiques you will have some that conflict. This happens a lot as writing is a subjective business.

5) Don’t write for the market. Fashions do come round again.

6) Sometimes time is hard to come by so snatch whatever free moments you have. Every little helps.

7) There is both fear of failure and success. To overcome them try and enjoy what you do, fighting negativity with positivity.

This was a good first session. It gave much good advice and worthwhile tips.