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Festival of Writing 2016 Part Six

Sunday Morning began with Futurecast 2016 where a panel of authors, agents and publishers, both traditional and independent, discussed the future of the publishing industry for the next twelve months.

The session began with a poll as to whether or not the audience thought the publishing industry was in trouble. Twenty percent said yes while eighty percent said no.

The panel discussed this question. There has been much closer work with film and television and other artistic industries where in the past they would have been further apart. Self publishing has also been growing steadily over the last few years with a big surge in electronic books being published as e-readers are useful things to have but print is still going strong.

A new initiative is Bookouture, an e-book publisher, which is selling as many as the big five traditional publishers. There is a quick turnaround between a book being accepted for publication and it being available to buy while on Amazon e-book sales from independent authors are rising while traditionally published books are falling.

After the discussion the audience were asked the same question again. Only a few changed their minds to say the publishing industry was in trouble but we were asked to agree to disagree and be terribly polite in doing so.